Your Home Away from Home - in Paris

home |həʊm|


• a place where something flourishes, is most typically found, or from which it originates: Paris is home to a surprising number of Americans.


One of our most important responsibilities is finding you your home in Paris. I have housed professionals in Paris for many years and so I know that you need a clean apartment, fresh and clean in the right neighborhood.  You need an elevator, fresh linens, reliable Wifi, and a comfortable place to work.  
Paris apartments are generally much smaller than what Americans expect, which includes the closet space and elevators.  We understand these difference and we work hard to provide you with the a high quality apartment in which you can be comfortable and enjoy your quiet time at home in Paris.  
Apartment hunting can be the most challenging part of organizing a trip to Paris.  I have been lodging professionals for a large part of my career.  I understand what a discerning couple wants, needs, and expects in your housing.  I also know where to go and who to call to get it.

We have a large selection of lodging options for you. We understand that everyone has different wants and needs. Some of us want to explore Paris, and city dwellers are more comfortable with mass transportation. Others want to walk to school (just like we used to?!).   Some of us want more space, some of us need much less. 

We also have our different lifestyle levels. We encourage you to explore our various options so that you can choose the best one suited for you.

 Studio Options

A studio is generally a small open planned space where the living and sleeping areas are one. The studio provides all of the essentials in less space, in fact, half of Parisians live alone in their cozy studio. You can be just like us, Parisians! As  a compact space, the studio is perfectly designed for the solo learner.


Apartment Options

We provide both one and two bedroom apartments so that you can choose the best size for you, or you and your travelling partner. 


After you choose your apartment size, then select one of our lifestyle options:



The #Essential option provides you with a comfortable home located within a thirty minute commute to the Alliance Française. The Alliance is conveniently located near Metro lines #4, 10, 12 and many busses.


The #Classic is ideal for the Lifelong Learner who wants to see and explore Paris, but wants to stay within a thirty minute walk of the Alliance Française and the classically Parisian neighborhoods around it. Given its location, (location, location, location!) you may very well find yourself crossing the Luxembourg Gardens on your daily walking commute to the Alliance Française.


The #Select option offers you the quality and beauty that you need around you - at home. The #Select apartments provide you with an apartment located within a thirty minute walk to the Alliance Française and offers you the elegance and beauty that you can expect of Paris 

See our catalog for more details.  Let us know if you need something special for your time in Paris.  We want you to be comfortable while you are here!

Services include utility charges and a full cleaning post-departure.
A Lifelong Learning Abroad Favorite:
Paris has apartments of all shapes and sizes, and as a longtime American in Paris, I still find them all a little charming, and a little quirky, new or old.  Even the most modern building might have a door key straight out of Harry Potter.  To save space, the French like to suspend the hot water from the ceiling.  I lived for years in an apartment where the hot water heater was hung from the ceiling with care... above the toilet.  How do you prepare for that?  I can and will for you - it's the best part of my job, sharing Paris, the real Paris with you. 
Can you see yourself in Paris, yet? 
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