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enjoy |ɪnˈdʒɔɪ, ɛn-|

verb [ with obj. ]

1 take delight or pleasure in (an activity or occasion): I enjoy people watching in Paris.

 ORIGIN late Middle English: from Old French enjoier ‘give joy to’ or enjoïr ‘enjoy’, both based on Latin gaudere ‘rejoice’.

We will celebrate your arrival in France with a good meal.  How else would one celebrate such an auspicious event?  We will have four other meals throughout the session.  One of those meals will be at a starred Michelin restaurant.  Finally, of course, we will have a lovely Farewell meal to reminisce and look forward to your next visit to Paris.
 To help you maximize your Paris experience, Lifelong Learning Abroad will be behind the scenes, preparing and organizing, providing you with the logistical support you need so that you can enjoy your special time in Paris. 
While you are here, you might need to see a doctor.  We can take care of that for you.  While you are here, your sink might spring a leak, we can take care of that for you.  Lifelong Learning Abroad is here to take care of the tricky stuff, so that you can enjoy your time in Paris. 
The City of Light is also a city of Music.  Paris sparkles in the gold of the famous grande dame of all opera houses, Le Palais Garnier.  The sun shines bright off the very modern Bastille Opera house with its world class acoustics and musicians.  And the river Seine serves as the backdrop (or is it the foundation?) of one of France's newest performing arts centers: La Seine Musicale.  Or the new Paris Philharmonic!  So many options, but we will enjoy a performance at one of these magnificent venues.

Can you see yourself in Paris, yet? 
Why not come take a peek at our selections on offer?