Documenting Paris


verb |ˈdäkyəˌment| [ with obj. ] 

To record (something) in written, photographic, or other form:   • support or accompany with documentation.

Documenting Paris is a four-part workshop series. 

The goal of the workshop series is to maximize your Paris experience by teaching you new skills, talents, and knowledge that you can use in Paris, Paris as your classroom.  The Documenting Paris workshop series will help you explore Paris, and yourself - simultaneously.  The more you use what you learn in this series, the more you will learn about yourself and Paris.  All of these skills can be applied once you have returned home, too!  Plus, you will have some great creative projects to show your friends and family.  

Each week, per Session, features a workshop.  The workshops generally occur in the order as they appear below.  The workshops are all conducted in English and generally 2-3 hours.  Each workshop will feature a "take away," which in most cases will be a finished product of your own creation, or materials that will facilitate your next "documentation" of Paris. 

The First Workshop is about supporting and informing you so that you can successfully and easily explore and document Paris during your stay.  In the first workshop, we will explore Paris Basics such as our plans for your stay, everyday customs, how to live in a Parisian apartment (it's not as obvious as it might seem!), using mass transportation, maximizing your safety and other such important topics.   



The Second Workshop is a photo workshop, a Smart Phone photo workshop, designed to increase your photography and phone photography knowledge so that you can document every Parisian moment with just the quiet click of your handy phone, and share it with your friends and family on social media.  


The Third Workshop is about documenting Paris not as it is, but the way you see it, the way you paint it.  We designed this workshop to share with you the basic techniques of water color so that you can document Paris as you perceive all of its grandeur, beauty, mystery and romance.



 The Fourth Workshop is about documenting your moment in Paris through writing.  Writing preserves the moment so that we can share it immediately with friends and family, and remember it later, just as it all happened - in Paris.    


A Lifelong Learning Abroad Favorite

My favorite workshop is the first workshop.  This is my moment to bring everything that I know about Paris and the French and Americans and the US, and bring them all together so that you can make the most of your Paris learning experience because you will know how it works.  Everyone needs a user guide to Paris, and that's why I created this workshop for you.


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