Cooking Class!


verb [ with obj. ]

1 acquire complete knowledge or skill in (a subject, technique, or art): I mastered the art of French cooking.  ~Julia C.



In Paris you will learn to make the sauces that will make you look like a genius in the kitchen.  Learn to prepare, bone, and roast a perfect chicken.  Learn basic bistro classics such as quiche or crêpes or a soufflé.  Learn to knead dough and bake croissants or baguettes.  Take a market tour and learn to shop - and cook - seasonally.  Then lean back, and enjoy the meal you have just prepared.  Bring these skills and recipes home and impress your friends and family.   

Bon appétit!


A Lifelong Learning Abroad Favorite:

There are so many classic French recipes.  Here is but one of our favorites,

Chicken with forty cloves of garlic 

Bon appétit!


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