I created Lifelong Learning Abroad because I want everybody to study abroad. It was the most satisfying growth experience of my life. Challenging. Liberating. Exhausting. I did it three times and I’d do it again tomorrow. It opened up my mind like nothing ever could. I want everyone to have this opportunity.

I created Lifelong Learning Abroad to share my passion for France and French culture. I know that a week in Paris will not suffice for many people. If you are anything like me, you want to spend some time in Paris. You want to have your neighborhood, know where to get the good baguette. You want to make Paris your home, like Hemingway or Stein. I know how wonderful Paris is, and I want you to have that experience.

I created Lifelong Learning Abroad to make a place for adults at the study abroad table. Why can’t continuing education study abroad, too?   Let’s make it happen. Traditional university study abroad programs were built for twenty year olds, and so they do not respond to the needs and wants of the mature adult. While abroad, younger students discover who they are; moving into the next phase of life, adults consider who we can become next. Mature adults need a different kind of study abroad and I want them to have it.

I created Lifelong Learning Abroad because I want everyone to enjoy Paris. It takes time, energy and know-how to organize the reservations, appointments, keys, and doctor appointments. This is not the glamorous side of study abroad, but it is the essential side. I want to manage all of those details so that adult learners can focus all of their time and energy on their studies and special time in Paris.

Study abroad helped prepare me for life after college, and all of those challenges: the spouse, another spouse, children, jobs, unemployment, sickness, death, etc. It all happens so fast and there is so little time to pause. The wheel keeps spinning and it all rushes forward unmercifully and meanwhile the laundry piles up and we have to cook dinner and take care of the next thing. Then, one fine day, expected or not, we retire.   Suddenly, we have that moment to pause, to look at it all, digest, and reflect to ask now that it’s my time, what do I want to do?

I created Lifelong Learning Abroad to be this moment; I see a session with Lifelong Learning Abroad as a moment of pause, exploration, and creativity – set in Paris. During this Paris pause, learners explore interests, like French, music, painting, or cooking in classes or workshops and then on their own, pick up a pencil and sketch Notre Dame and remember. Another will write a letter to an old friend about a new idea, or finally begin that mystery novel, or write those stories mother always told about her mother. Or learn to make meringues for your granddaughter. I want to help you explore yourself via Paris and go home a little bit better, a little bit fresher, more home at Paris, and maybe just a bit more at home in yourself, and ready to turn the page for the next chapter.

This, dear Reader, is why I created Lifelong Learning Abroad.

And besides, why should the kids have all the fun?



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