Parlez-vous English? Aka, meeting people in Paris

English is no longer a secret language in Paris. Not so long ago, you could talk about the French right under their long aquiline noses.   Gone are those days. These days, there is English all over la capitale!

Paris, too, is a melting pot. The Anglophone community in the Paris region numbers upwards of 60,000. The largest groups come from the UK, the US, Australia, and Canada. Some of my favorite people in the city are “Kiwis” from New Zealand. All of these people have brought their talents and skill to Paris, and many propose activities in English, and institutions have grown to serve these communities – in English. 

So when people lament and say that their French is non-existent and they can’t do anything fun – or meet people. I quickly respond, you can do so many things in English in Paris. Do the things you do at home, or try something new – in English. Plus, one of the ways to feel more comfortable in Paris is to practice your regular activities in Paris.

Many regularly dedicate time to religious services. What could be better for the soul than a moment of reflection with other like-minded people? Three centers of worship include, but are not limited to, the American Church of Paris, the American Cathedral and Kehilat Gesher. Notre-Dame Cathedral celebrates a mass in English on Sundays.

Avid readers will find something good to read at the American Library – the largest English language lending library in Europe.

How about yoga? If you practice yoga, you can have English yoga of every flavor: ashtanga, vinyasa, yin, and even hot yoga.

Want to work out, I know two personal trainers.

If you are in a twelve step program, the AA Paris website will help you find a meeting.

Try a Meetup group in English and find other interesting people like you.

With a little smile, I remind you, dear Reader, that Paris is the city of love. If you’re feeling bold & beautiful or young & restless, you could try dating.

You did say that you wanted to meet people, right? 





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